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   Nicole is an internationally-acclaimed, award-winning professional bodypainter focusing on avant-garde, whimsical and fantasy designs. She was featured on Game Show Network's first season of Skin Wars, the hit reality tv show where bodypainters compete for a prize of $100,000. Nicole was among the top four painters on the series and is featured in episodes 1-7 and the Season Finale. 


   Nicole is a full-time performer and artist in St. Petersburg, Florida with her company, The Curiositorium, LLC. The company provides facepainting, body art, and performance art. Nicole has also been involved in writing, directing, and performing in two original circus productions, Tank and Tilly's "Clockwork Cabaret" and "Lumiere", a three-part circus series featuring aerialists, acrobats, and circus dance. 

    Nicole holds a Master of Science degree in Entrepreneurship in Applied Technology from University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. She sees herself as a serial entrepreneur focusing on creating jobs and opportunities for both visual and performance artists, creating unique performances for live audiences, and creating original fine art bodypainting work. 




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